Welcome to Loughborough Students Canoe!!

Hello and welcome to one of the most successful university canoe clubs in the country!

We really do have something to offer everyone, from complete beginners to the most advanced paddlers you will always feel welcome here,

The club meets weekly for regular pool sessions where you can learn the basics of the sport- from paddling in a straight line, learning to eskimo roll, or even perfecting your flatwater cartwheel. We also have regular canoe polo training sessions where we train our BUCS teams, national league div 4 team and introduce novices to the exciting contact sport that is canoe polo. 

We are regular competitors at the top of the BUCS canoe leagues, in 2012/2013 coming third in the BUCS Wild water race, 2nd in the Slalom, and our ladies won BUCS canoe polo championships with our men coming 6th.

The club regularly organises trips to some of the UK's best whitewater, the first of which is the legendary Freshers Trip planned for the weekend of the 20/21st October to give new members their first taste of white water. In the summer of 2014 all members will get the chance to come on our big club trip to the stunning snow melt rivers in the French Alps.

 To stay up to date with what happening check out the calendar at lborocanoe.com/clubcalendar, and our lougbroughsport website.

Happy Boating,

Loughborough Students Canoe Club!!