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Meet the Committee

Samuel Newton - Chair


 As chair I have overall responsibility for the Club. My tasks include: organising meetings, liaising with union staff, ensuring that all committee members are completing their role effectively as well as helping the Club to expand, improve and cater for a wide range of abilities. 

Cameron Batney - Secretary


 Hi, I'm Cameron and I joined Canoe as a fresher with next to no experience (mostly for the socials) and enjoyed it so much I ended up learning to kayak along the way. I spend most of my time playing Canoe Polo or leading socials, but if you're lucky you might even see me swimming down a river! I'm Secretary and Vice Chair for Canoe, my job is to keep everyone up to date with what's going on, sort out the kit, and help run the club. If there's anything you need don't hesitate to give me a shout.

Amy Chapman - Treasurer


 Hi everyone, I am your treasurer for this year so I will be the one organising our budget to make sure we continue investing in new equipment and subsidising our events throughout the year. This will be my third year in the club and even though I will be on placement you will still catch me at pool sessions and weekend trips!

Jon Simonetti - Media & Trips


 I'm both your Media and Trips Sec. This means that i'll be organising and running the exciting trips we do throughout the year, such as freshers trip and surf trip, as well as running the social media accounts and making sure that we get some amazing footage and pictures throughout the year to make some exciting videos and to show off what we do, and to keep you all updated. If you have any questions just send me a message!

George Green - Competitions & Training


 I am looking forward to train you all the skills that go along with kayaking and to make sure you're not bobbing down the rivers out of your boat. We will have you turning your boat in all sorts of directions and looking amazing at the same time. I will always be at the sessions so if you want to learn a new skill or develop a complicated skill I will be able to get you the correct support. 

Dan Ladega - Social


My role as social sec for Canoe is to organise fun Socials and events. I will be organising plenty of socials throughout the year including sober nights so everyone can be involved! I joined in my first year and everyone was so friendly and it was such a fun sport! I am looking forward to organising loads of events this year! 

Marcus Davenport - Polo


 Canoe polo is my area of expertise, currently on the U21 GB team and hope to encourage many of you into trying it out, polo will be a new sport which is a part of kayaking which many of you will have never played. We will be getting you playing as soon as possible. 

Holly Boxall - Welfare


 I’m your Welfare Committee representative for this year! I’m here for any issues or worries you may have, even if you just need a chat. Joining a new club can be daunting but I will always be here to help with any problems and point you in the right direction. Feel free to message me at any time!