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Do I need any prior experience?

Not at all! Our sessions cater for people that have never been in a boat before to people that have lots of experience. Come to a taster session or ask us to join one of our training sessions to try it out 

How much is the membership?

 A full year membership costs £88. This includes EVERYTHING for the year, from all the kit to socials to subsidised trips and tournaments etc.

If you havent already purchased an Athletic Untion (AU) membership you will need to purchase one of these as well to take advantage of this club as it is part of the AU.

The AU standard membership costs £25 and can be added at checkout. If you have already purchased the AU membership for another AU club you do not need to purchase it again

Is there any requirements for when joining?

We only ask that you can swim 50m unaided in shorts and a t-shirt

When are the taster sessions?

 *Please note: The times below are correct. Other sites may display differently. [Last updated 25/09/2019]

The taster sessions for 2019 are:

Tuesday 1st October 8pm-9pm

Thursday 3rd October 8pm-9pm

Tuesday 8th October 8pm-9pm

Thursday 10th October 8pm-9pm

All taster sessions will be at Loughborough University Swimming Pool (Next to the Loughbrough Students union near the main enterance of campus)

You will be asked to meet outside the university swimming pool enterance 15 minutes before the start of the taster session.

What times do we train?

 We have training in the university swimming pool every Tuesday 8pm-10pm and Thursday 8pm-10pm.

If you have more experience, we do frequent visits to HPP Whitewater centre so just ask the committee and we will be happy to help

What kit do I need?

 The club will provide all the kit you need, such as wetsuits, bouyancy aid, cags, boats, paddles, decks etc. All you really need are clothes and thermals you dont mind getting wet to keep yourself warm when outside on rivers.

If you have your own kit feel free to bring it along - If you have any other kit related questions just message the Facebook page and we will happily answer any queries

Need more information? Got a question?

Head over to our contact us page and send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible!